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series of 10 panels :

natural dyed handprinted on Artisanal Cotton  2015 


photo: Maria Moreno


Mudresist is probably one of the earliest forms of textile painting as seen historically on a few continents within tribal costuming and ceremonial artwork. Originally mud resist was most probably a hand painted craft but later through ingenuity of block design techniques the repeat of simple patterns became common. The line was definitely one of the first designs applied by way of a block perhaps carved into a tuber and then later translated into wood by more skillful artisans.


I have consciously chose to print with only 2 variations of lines carved into blocks of local sustainable shesham wood, For this series i progress through simplicity of patterns which would have archaically emulated crop lines, sand lines, river patterns or the vibrational energy of indigenous symbols. By allowed shapes to shift through patterns of lines form is created from formlessness / infinity. The imperfection of mudresist printing embues a more natural twist to these minimalistic fields of triangles without solid borders. 3 lines enclosing a space is again one of the earliest  forms known in art and cosmically symbolising male and female energy whether ascending descending, meeting or intersecting. 

OM 5.15

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