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"Being an independent, resourceful and imaginative designer activist, I create AtelierOM "from the earth up & down kindly, consciously." OM 

AtelierOM established 2010 by Ondi McMaster who has dedicated focus on “HANDMADE in India,” by elaborating on textile heritage techniques hand-in-hand with local Artisan partners.. All AtelierOM textiles are conceived with core ingenuity & creativity, striking a unique perspective through traditional materials and artistic vision to evolve exuberance into functional timeless designs of quality.

photos: © Ondi McMaster

about Founder & Designer Ondi McMaster:

In 2010 invited on a 3month ARTKARAVAN / ART residency in India, Ondi McMaster created thoughtful performative installations as public art works all across north India in tandem with her elaborate hand-built costumes handstitched with locally sourced handspun handwoven textiles. A Mills College Graduate of Asian Studies and FineArt, both textiles and Gandhian philosophy came naturally, inspiring her aesthetic to cultivate this evolving eco - ethical collection. With a seasoned history as artist, commercial costume designer, seeker, & gypsy (yes! her great grandmother was an Artisan from Bohemia), she launched the first grassroots AtelierOM collection in 2011 to promote a global upstart craft movement. Elaborating through heritage processes with contemporary handmade fabrics she has spotlit and supported traditional craft by innovating with handmade ecologique textile weaves, her signature handmade prints  and her love of natural dyes through an evolved catalog of lifestyle products -  scarves/stoles, soft home furnishings and running meters of organic cottons, silks and wools that in turn become her modern lighthearted east west slow fashion designed limited edition silhouettes.


about The BRAND AtelierOM:

The first OM SHOP was opened in 2014 in Goa India as OM ARTS with an ever changing stock of apparel + accessories along with a mainstay of homespun handwoven textiles created solely in these traditional natural fibers, hand blockprinted with natural dyes, as well as zerowaste,  upcycled, vintage & recycled fabrics.  In summer of 2022 the USA ATELIER OM showroom was opened at WOODSTOCK, NY.


All OM textiles are produced in kind by adhering to diligent karmic management practices (focused on certifiably organic &  'fairtrade' principles.) Because of a Gandhian committment to oversight in production, Ondi works with only reputable craft organizations (designated by CRAFTMARK &/or INDIAN FAIRTRADE) and remains loyal to her partners of select and esteemed Artisan families in every effort to always produce only the most inspired textiles with all the perfect imperfections inherent in that 'HANDMADE'.  


"Slow Design" is a revolution devoted to crafting the most beautiful products consciously for your future as an enlightened consumer and collector with the hopes that less equals more when its made artistically with high quality.

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