AtelierOM donates 10% of all GLOBAL SALES, every year, to select grass roots organizations earnestly benefitting the Rights of PEOPLE And ANIMALS.  

These are philanthropic projects we currently support by ongoing monthly donation:



A Wonderful system of micro loans and reloans through CROWDFUNDING to support Entrepreneurs, Women, Medical and Educational Emergencies across India


SOS CHILDRENS FUND - International

We have adopted and support children directly in Nepal, Haiti, El Salvador & India


Welfare Animals GOA(WAG) - GOA, INDIA

We have rescued dogs, cats and cows with our donations and continue to support WAG to assist their CHAMPION EFFORTS toward the improvement of the livelihoods of animals in GOA.



We regularly visit and donate. We have rescued a handfull of dogs to their wonderful organization

  • Help In Suffering is a registered Indian charitable trust working for the benefit of the animals of India. Help in Suffering was founded in l980, on two acres of land in south Jaipur and has grown into a large animal welfare organisation with a number of projects based in the compound.



we have chosen a few of these organizations for the effectiveness in supporting solutions for children.

  • 215 organizations supporting projects for needy CHILDREN of India

    • KC MAHINDRA EDUCATION TRUST - education support for 10,000 girls across India



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