Our KANTHA Outerwear is designed in 100% cotton GUDRI quilted vintage textiles which are handmade upcycled & traditionally from India. Each base quilt is created uniquely from layers of retired saris adorned with handstitching and remnant patchwork. Each textile is in itself a divine collage of color and pattern. From one blanket, every garment iS DESIGNED to capture the beauty of the ENTIRE textile with wearability and comfort IN MIND. Some pieces in the collection have also been blockprinted and/or overdyed to arrive at a modern Artisanal effect. All imperfections, stray patches & wear n tear are intentional. No two coats are ever alike.  Please contact us on our inquiry page for current styles & colors available in your size. 


Bespoke is always possible because we are all about SLOWer & GREENer DESIGN 

If you have the time we have the will to accomplish your ideas in our OM khadi materials.

handcrafted eco ethical textiles

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