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Making in kind textiles since 2010 .... handspun + handloomed to imperfect perfections. 

Our Textiles are created by a simple pure process of creating yarn to cloth by handspinning then weaving by hand, natural or upcycled fibres without any electricity. 

  • our process of raw material to fabric involves no environmental pollution. our raw materials may be any combination of cotton, silk, wool or bast fibre.

  • threads are spun on a charkha spinning wheel then handloomed into limited editions of textiles.

  • we support both transitional & organic Indian homespun cottons of aspired weaves. 

  • we are committed to both naturally dyed or organic undyed homespun handwovens ; 90% natural color from herbal mineral dyes stuff or 10%AZOFREE

  • we source the finest sustainable Indian wools & VEGAN organic Ahimsa silks for our aspired collections.

  • 20% of  upcycled cottons  & zero waste anti - materials from our own scraps, remnants and mistakes.

  • no two handmade fabrics will ever be absolutely identical.

  • supporting a living chain from farmers to artisans on their journey towards economic interdependence and environmental awareness. 


Made under fair wages and safe working conditions. This process provides equitable trade opportunities, skill training, and job development-promoting responsible production in an economy that values transparency. 

The livelihoods of millions of people depend on homepinning cottons & silks as it is an integral entrepreneurial support network for a majority of Indians in rural areas (70 % of the artisans involved in the process of handspinning of fabrics are women) as they can work independently to earn their living while existing in their homelands.  Handloom manufacture is labour-intensive yet its production growth is sustainable by providing more employment with an investment of very meager capital, especially in rural regions. It enables full development of locally available raw materials and human resources. 

Made by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in regionally specific traditions. Created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production also in the case of our hand processes of the fabrics by blockprinting and natural dyes.

Made without the use of animal testing, or made with by-products from animals raised humanely. This process ensures animal health and safety, including safe shelter practices, pasture grazing, and quality veterinary care. Since we respect and love the animal kingdom, we are committed to never work with or promote leather in any products nor any process that harms.(All shoes pictured on this site are composed of man made materials)



In the 1920s, the political/ spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi began promoting handspinning and handweaving for rural self-employment towards civil self-reliance. This fabric encompasses an activist's sentiments and an adherent's lifestyle. 

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