"Cradle-to-cradle" as it is ultimately called focuses on designing systems so that materials flow in closed loop cycles which mean that waste is minimized, and waste products can be recycled and reused. Ulitmately Cradle-to-cradle goes beyond dealing with issues of waste after it has been created, by addressing problems at the source and by re-defining problems by focusing on design. The cradle-to-cradle model is sustainable and considerate of life and future generations


Zero waste promotes not only reuse and recycling, but, more importantly, it promotes prevention and product designs that consider the entire product life cycle. Zero waste designs strive for reduced materials use, use of recycled materials, use of more benign materials, longer product lives, reparability, and ease of disassembly at end of life.


Zero waste strongly supports sustainability by protecting the environment from the inevitable, reducing costs and producing additional jobs in the management and handling of wastes back into the industrial cycle. A Zero waste strategy may be applied to businesses, communities, industrial sectors, schools and homes." (sited from wikipedia)

Since our founding in 2011, no idea, no goal has been more paramount in our efforts than to be a most sustainable textile design studio .

We take the necessary steps to walk our walk and have partnered with several fair trade organizations that collaborate with us regularly on this principle of ZERO WASTE.

Some of our global partners in our ZEROWASTE efforts. Stay tuned COMING 2020 - a complete collection of artful ZERO WASTE womens & mens wear.  

  • ANOOTHI - a successful rural orphanage/school supported by a network of local enterprising women who adore our projects and embellishing our remnant fabrics.   

  • a craftroots based womens organization in Karnataka that has grown up over 20years an extended village of women eager to perfect their skills at embroidery and textile reclammation - now with our bits and ideas. 

  • KHAMIR - a fair trade Artisan network in Gujarat with whom we have had a symbiotic multi dimensional relationship since our inception. Currently supporting their efforts through market implementation of new products for 2018! as well as support for their ongoing skill training of prisoners to handweave handpicked landfill materials into gorgeous new textiles. 

  • Apan Manav Mandal a fairtrade organization that houses and teaches differently abled girls of all across Gujarat sewing skills to create from donated leftover textiles and to take on fairwage skilled work. We have assisisted by training them in accessory design and patternmaking and have regularly commissioned them to make a variety of  our patchwork totes.


unique remnant khadi kantha quilt



handcrafted eco ethical textiles

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