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Did you know that people's average need for 28kg of new wardrobe purchased every year is up 40% since the 1980's. That is not a sustainable model for the WHOLE world to embrace.


'REduce. REuse. REcycle' is OUR mantra.

​So as a designer, I ask myself, if I will be part of a solution? or an agent of the problem? If I can leverage all the new wardrobe that our clients may purchase with a future personal commitment to be their designer till the end ( or the end of the garment ), whichever comes first. ​


Thus, AtelierOM has initiated an essential sustainable program. upcycleIT will be an ongoing living social experiment. Any of our customers who have purchased anything anywhere out of our collections, can bring back any garment/item to us anytime after 2 years to have that piece re-fashioned, reprinted, redyed and documented for less than the wholesale price on a new garment, bag, pillow or quilt - if there are a few pieces to reNEW. Remember, this is not an alterations unit but a lab to see how we can transform our minds and our stuff for the long haul. This is how the meek and best recyclers of the world do it.

Consciously we all save money, maximize wear, minimize waste and support a more conscious impact on the scheme of things. It also keeps us all creatively humble. For more info on this program and how to get your upcycleIT on, please email us:

upcycle it

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