"I design each piece/collection handcrafted in limited editions which I know will be coveted still in 50 years, maybe more, & by all means, pass them down, gift and collect these pieces." OM


"I always consider zero waste possibilities as well as the reuse, recycle and resource of all materials, naturally. It is a valid opinion to state that the “death” of each and every product is the responsibility of its creator, foremost, and trickles down thereafter to the consumer thus, I produce bio-responsibly." OM


I continually strive to learn and apply techniques for more sustainable production and to create new systems for local opportunity. Your belief and support in my design directly creates this possibility. Economic growth is the only solution to combat poverty. We all have come to understand that traditional modes of employment are not the entire answer nor should they be discarded for machines. Everything and everyone must be allowed to evolve along with this rapidly progressing world. I enjoy working side by side traditional craftspeople whom I continually encourage and support through my participation in their artforms. 


I believe in the importance of empowering the "Designer Artisan" model and mentor entrepreneurship. Within my progressive and FAIR networks of Craft NGOs, Artisan Trusts & family businesses, I am able to consistently evolve my business model and design vision for OMkhadi Textiles + AtelierOM apparel / accessories thereby keeping social responsibility paramount within all  productionion.. Likewaise I am able to consistently promote awareness about good environmental practices by example." OM

handcrafted eco ethical textiles

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